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uPVC Conservatories, Waterlooville

Get gorgeous uPVC conservatories with us at Aperture Windows for your home in Waterlooville. We also supply and install conservatories all across the surrounding areas of Fareham, Chichester, Southsea, Denmead, Cowplain, Portsmouth, Gosport, Southampton, and Hampshire.

Our FENSA-accredited services are designed to exceed the expectations of all our customers. In fact, you can see how happy our clients are with our service from the reviews we have on Checkatrade. Read these to get an idea of how we can help improve your home with our uPVC conservatory installation.

Edwardian Conservatory, Waterlooville

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Classic Conservatory Prices Waterlooville

uPVC Conservatories

Our uPVC conservatories are an excellent way of increasing the space in your home without spending a huge amount. These glass extensions are much cheaper than wooden conservatories or built-up rooms. However, you get fantastic performance and a versatile space that you can use as you wish.

The glazed house extensions we offer come in a selection of styles, so you can pick the one that blends with the architecture of your home. We also offer a range of conservatory roof styles to choose from. Whatever design you pick, you will get excellent thermal performance and weatherproofing. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your conservatory no matter what the weather is like.

Most importantly, we fit your uPVC conservatory with security fittings so your home is never compromised. This way, your home is safe from potential intruders. As a result, you can enjoy the extra space in comfort, safe in the knowledge that your family is always safe.

uPVC Conservatories Installation, Waterlooville

Modern uPVC Conservatories

Enjoy the added space with our uPVC conservatories

Extra Space

With our uPVC conservatories, you get a spare room that you can use as you will. These glazed extensions can be used as garden rooms, living or dining areas, TV rooms, or even bedrooms for guests or children.

Weather Protection

Even though the glazed walls and roof let in a lot of sunlight, they are sealed against wind and rain. As a result, you can enjoy the weather from the comfort of your conservatory without getting wet or cold.

Warm Space

We give you uPVC glazed house extensions that come with a broken up profile for insulation. Combined with our effective double glazing, these conservatories keep the heat retained inside the room for longer.

Style Choice

Your conservatory can be any shape, size, or style that you want. We offer a comprehensive range of designs, including lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, as well as composite shapes like P and T-shaped.

Conservatory Prices, Waterlooville Hampshire

We offer remarkably competitive uPVC conservatory prices to all our customers. This gives you the freedom to choose the perfect house extension for your needs without having to exceed your budget.

If you want conservatory costs, you can request a quote via our online quoting engine. Simply enter your conservatory style, size, and other specifications, and the details will be passed onto a member of our team. They will then calculate a personalised quote for you.

You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to give you the answers to any questions you may have about our uPVC conservatories or any of our other products.

High Quality uPVC Conservatories

With our uPVC conservatories, you can be sure you will get exceptional performance. These glass house extensions are designed to give you long-lasting and reliable service even after years. We will even give you a 10-year performance guarantee to give you reassurance about the quality of our products.

We offer conservatories that are incredibly heat efficient. As a result, you can enjoy a space that warms up quickly and stays warm longer. This helps you save money on your heating bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Combine this with the fact that our uPVC conservatories are 100% recyclable, and you get a sustainable product.

Not only are these glazed extensions warm, but also quite dry and draught-proof. With the superior weatherproofing we provide, you can enjoy your conservatory regardless of the weather outside. What’s more, it will keep out intruders as effectively as it keeps out the damp and cold.

How much does a conservatory cost?

Contemporary uPVC Conservatories

We give you a whole range of conservatory styles so you can choose the one that matches your property’s aesthetic and look. If you want a clean and simple look, we have the lean-to conservatory. For a distinctive look and a design feature, you can opt for a Victorian conservatory.

An Edwardian conservatory gives you practical floor space with a roof that draws the eye upwards. Similarly, the Gable conservatory is a dramatic design that relies on the grand roof for a theatrical style. Finally, if you want a custom shape to make the most of your available space, we offer P-shaped as well as T-shaped conservatories.

Whichever style you deem most suitable, we can give it to you in a spectrum of colours. In fact, you can even opt for a wood-grain finish, making your conservatory look like a timber one. This is ideal for a home that has wooden trims but where you don’t want to spend the money that a timber conservatory will cost.